Hard Drive

Behind the music

There's a certain futility to backing up old pictures and stuff on your hard drive. Mediums change from printed photo albums to CDs and DVDs to flash drives, external hard drives, the cloud, etc. It's hard to keep up with it sometimes. I don't even have a device anymore that can read a CD or DVD. Any photos stored in that medium are essentially lost to me, without a device to read them. That's basically the concept of bit decay, aka "bit rot" or "data degredation" that I mention in the song. Anyway, I was pondering that concept and how it's rather depressingly emblematic of a larger problem of decay that we deal with in our memories and overall lives. Spurred on to action by this thought, I was working on backing up some old photos, and found myself flipping through them and seeing detail in pictures I hadn't looked at in a long time that I had either forgotten or never seen in the first place. And more than that, I realized I was looking at the overall narrative of the photos and memories from the higher perspective granted me through the passage of time, the maturation of myself as a person - the gift and curse of hindsight. It's not so much that the pictures were decaying or changing but that "As the magnets sketch out these pictures for posterity, it's me that sees them differently with time". I made this driving drum machine beat kinda like The Postal Service, paired it up with these wistful but sort of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and the song was born. it definitely has an experimental edge to it w/glitchy samples and a lofi aesthetic, but in a familiar indie-electronic-pop framework. oh, and here's a promo vid where i drink beer and play the synth bass part for the verses.

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Official lyrics

For Tuesday - Hard Drive Lyrics (also available on Genius):

I’ve noticed I look at pictures 
Backwards through a telescope 
Where all the detail looks so small 

I’ve noticed when thinking backwards 
I tend to second-guess myself 
I see all the dumb stuff I ever did 

I spent last night just cleaning out my hard drive 
I'm backing up my memories to disk 
I own a time machine twenty-five hundred pixels wide 
It shows me things I recall like yesterday 

I've realized when I see myself 
From even just a month ago 
I'm workin with the context I have now 

So when the magnets sketch out 
These pictures for posterity 
It's me that sees them differently with time 

I spent last night just backing up my hard drive 
In case I spill my coffee on the keys 
Of course even then there’s the matter of bit decay 
No matter what I do it's gonna fade away