Count Me In

Behind the music

Some songs are written and produced within days/weeks, some songs take years. I wrote Count Me In back in 2016 but i never quite nailed it down until now. I was reflecting on shifting to a new phase of life at the time which included my first regular commute and a lot of sitting in traffic, which is a theme of the song. But more than that, it's about being committed to a new stage of life. "Wherever I go and wherever I've been has led me to the state I'm in / so whatever's coming round the bend, count me in." Thematically, it's a track about being stuck in traffic on your commute home - reflecting on the road to get here and the road ahead. Musically, it's a song full of surprises - I'm especially proud of the way the melodic bassline intertwines with the guitar riff in the intro, the driving feel of the verse, and of course the synth solo (stick around for that!). I experimented here with some arhythmic timings, especially if you listen to the glitchy stuff happening in the background of the intro/verse. Spoiler alert, I'm trying to get into that direction a bit more as I integrate more tape loops and other experimental elements into my songs, as they are naturally arhythmic in a way that adds a really interesting organic feel, as if I'm not entirely in control.

i did a little drum playthrough of the Count Me In verse on my instagram as part of a giveaway promo i was running. check it out!


Count Me In received some favorable reviews from notable music bloggers after release. You can read their reviews here:

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Official lyrics

For Tuesday - Count Me In lyrics (also available on Genius)

I've been thinking about all these cars 
All the brake lights on the boulevard going home 
We're all going home 

I used to sing with the radio 
But tonight they're playin a song I don't know on the station 
That used to feel like home, it used to feel like home 

And I've been thinking bout the Hollywood stars 
The ones I used to watch on the VCR 
And how time never rewinds, it keeps moving on 

Wherever I go and where I've been 
Tangle together in a strange rhythm 
My darkest days and moonlit nights 
Brought you by my side 
Wherever I go and where I've been 
Has brought me to the state I'm in 
So whatever's coming round the bend 
Count me in, count me in 

I'm stuck on the highway 
On a thin red ribbon that cuts through the twilight 
I'm bleeding out slowly 
As the flesh pink sky gives way to the night 
And another day slips by